Emily Loves To Bounce

Down is up and up is down.

Inspired by three of the most loved books by Stephen Michael King, Emily Loves to Bounce creates a whimsical world full of balls and boxes, where amazing ideas express themselves in extraordinary ways. Follow carefree Henry and practical Amy as they turn the world upside down and right way round, and learn that working together in spite of their differences brings out the best in everyone.

Helpmann Award Nomination Best Regional Touring Production - 2009

Drovers Award - Tour of the Year - Emily Loves To Bounce 2009


Collaboratively created by Zoë Barry, Dave Brown, Jon Bode, Geoff Cobham, Greg Cousins, Astrid Pill, Belinda Gehlert and Ingrid Voorendt
Direction Dave Brown and Ingrid Voorendt
Lighting and Set Design Geoff Cobham
Illusion Greg Cousins
Music Belinda Gehlert and Zoë Barry
Provocateur Lisa Phillip-Harbutt
Original Cast Zoë Barry, Dave Brown, Jon Bode, Astrid Pill and Belinda Gehlert