The Moon's A Balloon

A balloon can be anything you want it to be.

A balloon can be a friend to play with or a maker of friendships. It can hold its breath for days and disappear in an instant. It can make your hair stand on end and fill you with laughter. A balloon can be something loved or something lost; something shared or something broken.

Exploration, play and invention are at the heart of the way children make friends. The Moon's A Balloon celebrates balloons, play and friendship in a visual-theatre feast of music, dance, light and play.

Nominated for the APCA 2017 Drover Awards, "Tour of the Year".
Awards announced on 24th August 2017.
Nominated for the 2017 Helpmann Awards, Best Regional Touring Production 2016.

A live spot on Fox 8, Kickin' it with Kenny, from our 2017 US Tour.


Collaboratively created by Josh Bennett, Dave Brown, Morag Cook, David Gadsden, Robert Griffin and Katrina Lazaroff
Provocateur Roz Hervey
Designer Morag Cook
Lighting Designer David Gadsden
Projected Imagery Dave Brown and Chris Petridis
Composer Josh Bennett
Original Cast Rob Griffin and Katrina Lazaroff
Erin Fowler, Performer
Rob Griffin, Performer
Catherine Turnbull, Touring Stage/Company Manager
Lachlan Turner, Technical Manager